Engage & Encounter Breakout Seminars

We are really looking forward to this year’s World Mandate West Breakout Sessions, which have been created around the ideas of ‘Engage’ and ‘Encounter’: topics that will inspire, motivate and challenge!

The Engage Seminars will train and equip you on how to engage with your daily world through your gifts, talents, passions and abilities. The Encounter Seminars will equip you how to grow in the spiritual gifts so that you can impact and influence those around you. This really will be an afternoon that will leave you feeling refreshed, inspired and motivated!

Here’s a sneak peak into what you can expect to discover at our Engage and Encounter Seminars:


1. Engaging the Unreached through Discipleship Making Movements
Speaker: Jim Yost

2. Engaging Missions as a Family
Speaker: Robert & Stefanie Herber

3. Engaging the Business World for the Glory of God
Speaker: John Lo, Carol Davis & Jon Sundt

4. Engaging God’s Story through Arts and Media
Interview & Conversation Facilitated by: Kendall Laughlin


1. Encounter Evangelism
Speaker: Mark Speeter & Jeff Bianchi

2. Encounter Healing
Speaker: Robert Herber, Kevin Lumsden, Mitsu Yamaguchi, and John Lo

3. Encounter the Prophetic
Speaker: Kendall Laughlin and Brian Pederson