Letter from Pastor Robert Herber

I’ve been thinking about this phrase: What does God care about? We spend a lot of our lives thinking about, acting on, and working towards what we care about, but what are the big things on God’s heart? That’s why I love World Mandate West, and why, each year, I’ve discovered it to be such an important weekend in my life.

So what does God care about? God cares about the world and is passionate about people finding their purpose. He cares about people using their gifts. He cares about the poor and the needy. God cares about spiritual family and friendships. God cares about worship. I’ve found that World Mandate West recalibrates me for the big purposes of God, to realign what I care about to be what God cares about. It is human nature to get lost in the minutiae, to get lost in the small and the trivial, in the ‘me’ and ‘mine’.

I know that many have asked this same question, and it has caused them to be greatly impacted by World Mandate West. I think about these people and what World Mandate West has meant to them.

I think about a college student last year who had a deep desire for more of God’s presence and power, and had been desperately calling out for it. It was during one of the World Mandate West sessions that he was prayed for and had a dramatic encounter with the power of God. This encounter ignited his spiritual life and God began using him in a wonderful way on his college campus.

I think about a businessman who was very successful in his career. He had an incredible moment of surrender at World Mandate West and started seeing his business skills and the finances he was generating in a new way. As a result of the conference, he has had so much clarity in the second half of his life in how to use his leadership skills, that his business acumen and his finances have become a part of God’s greater story in seeing the world transformed.

I think about a young mom who had her heart broken for a crisis on the earth and is now on an adventure beyond what she had ever dreamed. Her story has become a book-worthy story as God has used her and her family to transform the lives of refugees in another nation.

I’m also reminded of a couple in their 20’s who were seeking a church to become their spiritual family and after encountering All Peoples thought, “If we come to this church’s conference then certainly we will understand what their heart is all about”. They attended World Mandate West and got a bigger picture of what our spiritual family is believing for: Not only transformation in individuals and families, not only revival in a city, but also for the great commission to be accomplished in all the nations of the world. This couple has since been used powerfully in our midst, using their gifts of prayer, arts and media.

As for me, having been to almost 20 World Mandates, I’ve noticed that each year God does something in my heart to bring me closer to Him and to conform me more into His image. Some years it has been a work of deeper friendship with Jesus, other years it has been a fresh infusion of power. In other years it has been a fresh breaking of my heart for things that break God’s, and still others has been a time of falling more in love with His family, the church.

My prayer as a pastor is that every person in our church will be involved in what I can most liken to our church’s yearly family reunion. So please join us!

Please believe with me for God to come and visit His people once again, and align us with His heart to see amazing things take place on the earth!

For His Kingdom and His Glory,


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